Vladimir Putin-Who is Russia’s powerful leader?

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken to the world about invading Ukraine, he has made no secret of his country’s desire to have Crimea in the European Union since 2014.


Vladimir Putin has been in power since 2000, during which time he served as president and prime minister.

In addition to Joseph Stalin, Putin is a long-serving leader.

Putin has extended his term in office by more than a year in the run-up to the 2020 constitutional referendum.

It will give Putin a chance to stay in power until 2036.

How did Vladimir Putin get here?

The following is a summary of Putin’s activities in politics and personal life from a young age.

Former spy

Some critics of Vladimir Putin’s views say that Putin’s views were influenced by the Soviet Union. Putin was a spy for the KGB until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

They have close friendships with their closest friends and supporters, both publicly and privately.

Vladimir Putin’s political career began in the European 1990s, when he was a senior adviser to the mayor of St. Petersburg. Mayor Putin taught them law while at university.

In 1997, the mayor entered the Kremlin as head of the FSB, a spy agency set up to replace the KGB. He was later appointed Prime Minister of Russia.

In 1999, former Russian President Boris Yeltsin overthrew Putin and appointed Putin as Russia’s interim president.

Since then, Vladimir Putin has been in power. Putin fails to run for third term He served as prime minister from 2008 to 2012.

In the 2012 election, he won the national election with 66 percent of the vote, but many say the election was rigged.

Putin reaffirmed his commitment to the Soviet Union and reaffirmed its ban on the portrait of Joseph Stalin.

Russia has also developed the Covd-19 vaccine, dubbed Sputnik V, in memory of the Soviet Union’s 1957 rocket.

Contrary to the Western world

Russia has been embroiled in controversy with Ukraine over the past few years, and its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has raised eyebrows in the West.

After the Cold War, relations between Russia and the West became strained and skeptical, with former US President Donald Trump expressing his admiration for Vladimir Putin.

Incumbent President Joe Biden called Putin a “murderer.”

According to a 2021 survey, 48 percent of Russians want Putin to run for president after 2024.

Although many Western leaders find it difficult to reach such a large number of supporters, the Russians may feel that they have no choice.

Vladimir Putin has created a stable Russia where people can work and change. During their rule, they were able to create a large, middle-income population.

Domestic instability

Older Russians are well aware of Vladimir Putin’s transformation since the fall of the Soviet Union. But the younger generation, whom no other leader has ever seen, has little support for Putin.

In 2021, following the arrest of Vladimir Putin’s main critic, Alexei Navalny, thousands of young Russians protested.

Navalny has been known to expose corruption and criticize Putin’s government as a band of thieves and swindlers.

Following the protests, the government arrested thousands of people.

Severe childhood

Vladimir Putin is said to have had a difficult childhood. As children, they were constantly at war with the children of their neighborhood. It was at this point that he began to learn judo in his youth.

According to the Kremlin’s website, Putin wanted to work for the Soviet intelligence service when he was a teenager.

” Fifteen years ago, Leningrad Street taught me a golden rule; “If you lose the fight, you have to hit the first punch,” Putin said in 2015.

Family situation


Vladimir Putin has millions of friends, and he is said to be a wealthy man himself. But their family and personal finances are kept secret.

Putin and his wife, Ludmila, were divorced after 30 years of marriage, and Ludmila described him as “a drunkard.”

According to a Reuters news agency, Putin’s daughter Katariana is in a high-ranking position at Moscow State University.

Despite widespread reports of widespread human rights abuses in Russia, the country’s media have not been able to contain significant public reports.

It is unclear what many Russians think now that Russia has invaded Ukraine. But whether the people support him or not, the invasion begins. All eyes are on Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine armed force shoots five Russian planes and helicopter

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