The London resident is the first to be implanted in a 3D printed artificial eye

A London resident is set to have his first 3D-printed artificial eye.

Steve Verse will be implanted in 3D technology at Morfield Eye Hospital in London.

It is hoped that the new eye will look more natural than the previous one.

It is also said that 3D technology will halve the previous six weeks of artificial eye surgery for patients.

Although this artificial eye does not restore vision, it is said to enhance human self-confidence because it looks like a natural eye.

Verse, who is in her 40’s, said: “I’ve been in need of artificial eye since I was 20 years old.

“The new eye looks amazing. It will be better with 3D digital printing technology,” he said.

Before an artificial eye can be implanted in an individual, an artificial eye should be imprinted on the eye.

Reduces the process of producing 3D printed artificial eyes by two to three weeks. It is said that the first appointment will take only half an hour.

Professor Manddip Sago, an ophthalmology consultant at Morffield Eye Hospital, said his colleagues were “delighted” to have access to a fully digital artificial eye.

“We hope that the upcoming experiment will provide us with strong evidence of the benefits of this new technology. It shows how different it is for patients,” he said.

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