The founder of the African Women’s Champions League

Africa’s first Total Energy Caf Women’s Champions League kicked off two weeks ago in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The end will be today, Friday, November 10, 2014.

Thirty-two African clubs have qualified for the Total Energy Caf Women’s Champions League. Eight African women’s soccer clubs have won this regional competition.

Clubs from Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco and host Egypt have competed in the 15-day competition.

Last year’s winner of the Women’s Premier League, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia women’s national team headed to Kenya to participate in the competition.

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), which had come to the forefront to represent Ethiopia in this historic competition, lost to Ihiga Queens of Kenya in the semi-finals.

Although Commercial Bank could not represent her country in the competition, Chief Justice Lydia Tafesse represented Ethiopia in the direction of Egypt. You are expected to judge the final game.

Who is September Tadesse, one of the first women in African history to host the Women’s Champions League?

Meskerema Tadesse Goshme

“I was born and raised in Addis Ababa. I have been in love with football since I was a child.”

Ethiopian Meskerem Tadesse Goshme is one of the organizers of this historic tournament.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in sports science. She received her master’s degree in football from Addis Ababa University. She recalls in September that she was the only woman at the time to have a master’s degree in football.

She then became the head of women’s development at the Ethiopian Football Federation. While leading this division, the women’s national team qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations. The Women’s Premier League has been launched. Also, Lucy’s star-studded project has been unveiled.

The following September she went to Adama University. In addition to teaching sports science and sports management classes, she was also the coach of the women’s team at the university.

Following Adama University, she returned to school in September and took part in the FIFA Masters program.

The master’s degree program, offered by FIFA’s Center for Sport Studies, is offered at three different universities in Leicester, Switzerland, and Milan, Italy.

After completing her master’s degree in September, she became the Deputy Secretary General of the Ethiopian Football Federation and at one time the interim Secretary General.

The following September she headed to the Confederation of African Football. She now serves as a former manager of the Caf Women’s Office.

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