The eagerly awaited match against Ethiopia vs Eritrea will not take place

Ethiopian National Team Funs

The East and Central African football tournament, or its nickname, Cecafa , will be held in Uganda from next Saturday. It was expected that Ethiopia and Eritrea, ranked in Group A, would meet each other.

According to the Ethiopian Football Federation, members of the football team will not go to the competition.

Eritrean National Team

So what many of the Ethiopian and Eritrean national team members have been looking forward to is not going to be a match. Ethiopia and Eritrea were grouped together with the organizers of Uganda and Burundi.

When asked why the national team is not going to Uganda, we have decided that it is better to spend big games on the finals because we have financial concerns, even though we have financial concerns, ”said Ethiopian Football Federation Public Relations Officer. “Also, because the league is discontinued, we take part in the competition, and with that in mind, we made the decision.”

He added: “In fact, despite competing in the competition, we had been competing in the Women’s National Team for under-15s and had our own questions. There are things we disagree about in the race. ‘

Meanwhile, the UEFA said Ethiopia will not participate in the Cecafa Women’s Under-17 national team tournament in Uganda.

The Ethiopian Football Federation said the federation will cover all expenses wherever it goes, and we will be in crisis because of the support it receives from FIFA and Caf.

“We have already announced in a letter to CAF that Ethiopia will not participate in the competition.”

Ethiopia and Eritrea have never met in any national team since the end of the war, but things have changed since Prime Minister Abay Ahmed came to power.

Many fans from both countries were looking forward to watching the match between the two national teams. Countries will compete in three segments of the Cecafa Competition, which starts this Saturday in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

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