Apple accuses Israeli technology company of ‘spying on customers’

Apple Corps has accused Israeli technology company NSO of trying to hack into iPhone users.

Pegasus, a software developed by NSO, attacks iPhones and Android phones and is designed to intercept text messages, photos and emails and intercept telephone conversations.

“I am targeting terrorists and criminals,” said NSO Group.

However, it is alleged that the software was used to hijack activists, politicians and journalists.

The organization: Pegasus claims that it provides access to military personnel and law enforcement agencies in countries with a good track record in human rights.

Earlier this month, US officials blacklisted the software, saying it had “spied on other countries to spy on individuals, journalists, and activists.”

Apple sued the company after other giants such as Microsoft, Meta and Alphabet complained.

In a statement, Apple Corps (OSCO) and its sister company, OSW Technologies, said they “should be held accountable for targeting Apple users.”

In order to reduce the burden on future users, NOSO will be banned from using any Apple product, Apple claims.

Apple Corps has filed a lawsuit against Washington over the use of “spyware” on its mobile phones.

Apple Corps has announced that it will not be affecting any of Apple’s servers.

“Thanks to us, however, thousands of people have survived,” NSO said in a statement.

“We are providing the necessary technological assistance to control governments that exploit children and commit acts of terrorism,” the agency said in a statement.

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