What about the humanitarian aid needed in Tigray?

According to local and foreign aid agencies, various humanitarian assistance, including food and medicine, is urgently needed in Tigray State.

The United Nations, Oxfam, and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission have issued statements stating the need for urgent humanitarian assistance in various parts of the Tigray region.

It is also reported that displaced people in the region are in need of assistance and that sexual harassment is taking place in various shelters.

United Nations: He said he was deeply concerned about the ongoing gender-based violence in the Tigray region.

Oxfam, a global humanitarian organization, said in a statement yesterday: He said millions of people in Tigray need urgent food aid.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission; He said the security situation in the war-torn Tigray region and the border areas was a matter of concern and could lead to a humanitarian crisis.

At the United Nations; Trimmila Patten, who monitors sexual violence during conflict; “We have received disturbing reports of family members being raped,” he said.

Pramilla: He spoke of women being forced to have sex with soldiers for basic necessities, an increase in the number of women seeking emergency contraception, and reports of sexual abuse of women and children in shelters.

Our efforts to get government officials to respond were unsuccessful.

Millions of people in Tigray state are in urgent need of food aid, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement on Monday.

Oxfam said in a statement: He said the conflict in Tigray has left millions of people in need of emergency food aid in connection with the Covide-19 epidemic and locust infestation.

Oxfam said prior to the conflict, people in southern and western Tigray and the northern Amhara region needed support.

Oxfam Ethiopia Director Gezapign Kebede; “Residents of South Tigray told us that when they fled the conflict and fled to other areas, their village was destroyed or looted,” he said.

Oxfam said before the conflict, more than a million people were in need of assistance in Tigray. During the conflict, many people were unable to receive regular food aid.

According to UN figures, More than 4.5 million people in Tigray are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The National Disaster Risk Management Commission, however, said the UN figures were exaggerated.

National Disaster Risk Management Commission Commissioner Mitiku Kassa said in a statement last week: “The number of people in need of assistance in Tigray is not 4.5 million, but 2.5 million,” he said.

The Commissioner: He said the government has made adequate preparations to help 2.5 million people.

According to Mitiku, 311,556 quintals has been supplied to Tigray State, which will feed more than 2.5 million people.

“We have no supply gap. Currently, more than 20 trucks are delivering,” he added.

According to statistics, the number of people in need is about 4.5 million. “The federal government has not approved this figure,” he said.

Tigray State Interim Administration Dr. Mulu Nega He told ENA that the lack of humanitarian assistance was attributed to those seeking political gain.

Dr. Mulu: “The government has not been slow to provide humanitarian assistance, except for reasons beyond its control,” he said.

“They are spreading false information. This is not true,” he said, referring to the media for “political purposes.”

He noted that the government was aware from the outset that there would be displacement and humanitarian assistance. “This has been taken into account since the beginning,” he said.

Mitiku said 1.8 million people are currently receiving assistance. He added that the number did not come after the government took legal action.

“Assuming there may be an additional 700,000 people, we are now well prepared to provide assistance to our 2.5 million citizens,” he said.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Commissioner Dr. Daniel Bekele Reporting that the victims were inadequate or did not receive any assistance; “The damage to the environment and the civilian population is a matter of great concern to all concerned,” he said.

It is estimated that more than 55,000 people have fled the conflict in the Tigray region and nearly 2 million have been displaced.

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