“We chase after our enemies as they enter” Dr.Debretsion G/Micheal

“We are chasing our enemies on foot! We are going to crush the invading army, which is scattering in the face of daily attacks, and disperse them in a short period of time! We must show it everywhere it stands! . ” Dr.Debretsion G/Micheal

Tigray Special Forces Military Prada

After the invaders were dispersed in the land of Tigray, the heroic Tigray Defense Forces and the entire struggle of our people are being defeated. Currently, the Tigray Defense Forces is pursuing a military strategy that reduces the sacrifices and destroys the enemy. We are moving to defeat Isaiah and the prolific army in Tigray. The enemy forces are deliberately beating the cities by abandoning the fighting forces of Tigray.

Isaiah and the prosperity army beat our cities with heavy weapons, saying, “The army of Tigray will stop its heavy attacks in order to save the people. They are committing atrocities against our people with the intention of beating them and looting their property. As a result, wherever the enemy forces arrived in Tigray, they were committing atrocities against innocent civilians. It is clear that the purpose of this system is anti-people. They beat the cities because they could not withstand the onslaught of us and left us for the sake of their people. They are abusing our people on the pretext that they will stop beating and attacking us.

This invading force began to harass and shoot people. In particular, the youths are being brutally killed while looking at photos of the struggle of the people of Tigray on their mobile phones.

Isaiah’s invading forces are also doing a shameful thing; He is robbing civilians of his property. He is tearing apart doors and windows. Isaiah is doing this to undermine the good relations between the people of Tigray and Eritrea.

Therefore, this invading force could cause great damage and destruction if given time. Therefore, we should not give time to the enemy. If we give in to the pressure, we will have to deal with it in a very serious way.

Amhara Special Forces

We still have to show him where he stands, without wasting time! The enemy is now in a state of shock. As a result, Abiy is seeking foreign aid; This is an enemy to be buried, We are burying him.

Therefore, we must strengthen our public defense to embarrass the enemy in all the lands of Tigray. They are collecting donations. We rely on our people. We do not need help because we are fighting for justice. We will win on our own.

We are being persecuted because we ask for justice. This injustice affects all our people at home and abroad, but it is mainly being fought by the people of Tigray, who are fighting internally. We chase after our enemies and crush them! In the face of this devastating attack, we will invade and disperse the invading army in a short period of time!

We will pass through trials; In spite of the difficulties we face, we will be able to bend and bend our land as if it were our own, the invaders will always be defeated; We are defeating them. Therefore, I call on all Tigrayans to enter the land and annihilate the invading forces who are committing atrocities against our people.

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