Tigray TV journalist Dawit Kebede and his friend were killed in Mekele town

Dawit Kebede Araya, a journalist with Tigray Television, was reportedly killed in Mekele days after he returned to work.

His colleagues told the BBC that Dawit, a journalist working for the Tigray regional government, was found dead in a car on Wednesday, January 12, 2013.

In addition to Dawit Kebede Araya, colleagues say another friend was killed in Adi Hausi, Mekelle.

Red Cross workers removed the bodies of Dawit and his accomplice and informed his staff at Tigray Television.

No group has claimed responsibility for the killings.

When asked by the BBC about the journalist’s death, Walta Haregot, head of security at the newly formed Tigray Regional Administration, said he had no information. They also promised to collect and compile information.

An unnamed co-worker told Dawit Tigrinya that the two men were shot dead. This information could not be verified by local security officials.

An investigation by the BBC into the identity of the second victim revealed that he was the brother of another journalist working for Tigray Television.

Dawit Kebede Araya, who reportedly quit his job in November amid escalating military conflict in the Tigray region, has reportedly returned to work.

The regional television program, which had been suspended following the capture of Mekele by the Defense Forces, began broadcasting and called for the workers to return to work.

When he returned to work, he was arrested and held for several days, according to a television staffer.

Local officials have not commented on the arrest, but a colleague said he had been detained for three days before being executed.

“Interim administrators in the region were talking to former journalists and cameramen. One of the journalists they spoke to was David,” a colleague told the BBC.

As of November 19, 2013, the security forces of Mekele have imposed a curfew, during which time any activity in the city is prohibited.

Who is Dawit Kebede?

Before working for Tigray Television, Dawit worked for ETV on the national television station for several years.

After leaving ETV, he started his own Tigrigna magazine and published articles for many years.

He later worked at the Tigray Television branch in Addis Ababa until his closure last year.

Following the closure of the Addis Ababa branch, he returned to the main station in Mekele to work for the station.

The funeral of the two, Dawit and his accomplice was held at Abune Aregawi Church yesterday, January 12, 2013.

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