The deadline for the delivery of weapons in Tigray has been completed

The Tigray Regional State Interim Administration’s deadline for residents to surrender weapons has expired last week.

According to the administration, residents, both legally and illegally, have been ordered to hand over their weapons to nearby security forces by Tuesday, December 10, 2013. The interim administration of the region, Dr. Mulu Nega, told the BBC on Monday.

According to the interim administrator, illegal firearms will be collected through a door-to-door inspection after the deadline. The individuals involved in the search told ENA that they would “be held accountable.”

He told ETV yesterday that a large number of weapons had been collected during the process of collecting weapons, adding that the amount of weapons found in all areas was known to be finalized.

He added that, for example, residents of Aragor, a short distance from Mekele town, had surrendered more than 400 rifles.

He said the state institutions have been set up to work alongside the arms collection process, which is said to be part of the state’s law and order.

The interim cabinet, which was appointed after the House of Federation decided to dissolve the regional administration following the military conflict in Tigray last October, has been in operation for days.

According to Dr. Mulu Nega, Chief Executive of the Interim Administration, government offices and businesses that were suspended for more than a month due to the conflict in the region have been restored.

Accordingly, the regional government employees who have been on strike for weeks have been called upon to return to work on Monday, December 10, 2013.

Residents told the BBC that electricity and telecommunications services, which had been suspended for more than a month, had begun in some areas, including the capital, Mekele.

Interim Administrator Mulu Nega (Dr.) told National Television that efforts are underway to launch banking services soon.

The conflict between the TPLF, which governs the region, and the federal government lasted for months, following weeks of clashes between government forces and militants in the Tigray region.

Telephone, electricity and other basic services have been cut off for weeks, and the interim administration, which was formed following the federal government’s takeover of the region’s capital, is working to restore normalcy.

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