Loza Abera scored seven goals per game

Loza Abera scored seven goals per game

Loza Abera, an Ethiopian footballer who plays for Malik’s Berikirkara football team, was able to score seven goals in her name in yesterday’s match against the Hibernens.

The game ended with no win for Berkirikara, with the team currently leading the league with 19 points.

To a mother of seven and her fifth child, Loza was born and raised in the capital city of Drumme, a construction zone.

Loza Abera

She played ball with her male peers in the neighborhood where she grew up. The journey of Loza Professional Football started with the recruiters who played in representing the construction zone.

Soon after, Loza joined the Hawassa Women’s soccer team. Despite not winning a trophy with Hawassa, she was the club’s star goalkeeper for the next two years.

Loza, who spent four years in dedebit on December 14, was a star racer all year. For three consecutive years, she has been the Women’s Premier League Champion with Dedebit.

Loza, who is currently playing for the Berkirikra, who is currently playing for the Malta Island Super League, wrote on her Twitter page: ‘

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