Bekele Gerba Oromo Federalist Congress deputy leader about current EPRDF integration. Interview with OMN

“This party is not a new party, it is a political party that came out of the EPRDF, so it is a new party that didn’t exist before. If this is the case, it can be a government and get a vote, but leave the public trust and go the other way as before. As a government elected by the people, he cannot claim to be a government.

Ironically, the party that once represented the Oromo people was lost. That party is no longer there. First and foremost, when the people of Oromo support and elect the party, it is the following ideology and political program. It is with this agreement that the people vote for the party. But it is unfortunate that the party has left the people on the road without leadership, saying that what the people have given them is not right.

In fact, if that party goes ahead and the other party is formed, that party, if the ruling party loses, means that there is no government. Ethnic, identity-based political parties can disappear or be relocated only when the identity or nationality is answered. The founding of the new merger party has no legal basis.

Lastly, government officials, using public-owned media, said that the government’s action should be stopped because the public should stop promoting the new party program and force the people to accept it.

Government officials must stop and speak in government media today and tomorrow. If you like, you can set up their own media and register as a party. But with the resources of this people, the people must stop shouting and forcing the people to accept the new party every morning. And the public should not hear this. There should not be a party that we are forced to accept. It is not to be said that the people will be forced to treat them like drugs. They should not be joking about our property. So we have to protect our money. ”

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