7 Eritrean players disappeared at Kampala Airport

7 Eritrean players disappeared at Kampala Airport

Seven of Eritrean national football players who went to Uganda for the Seafah football tournament have been reported missing.

Secafa spokesman Rogers Mullendewa told the BBC that the players had disappeared after arriving at Entebbe International Airport to return home.

The spokesman added: “They used to disappear from their hotel, but now they arrive at the airport and do ‘check-in’, with their friends who rent a car and are hidden.”

This is not the first time Eritrean football players have disappeared after leaving their home country for the tournament.

Last October, it was recalled that four Eritreans who had left their country to take part in the Cecafa tournament in less than 20 years were missing.

Cecafa spokesman Roger Mullenwa recalled the disappearance of the four Eritrean footballers in October: “There were a lot of Eritreans in Kampala. They went to the hotel after the win and many of the players came out of the hotel. We couldn’t tell. “

The spokesperson has notified Secafa of the government of Uganda, the Uganda Sports Federation and the Eritrean Embassy in Uganda, the spokesman said.

Explaining why the seven players arrived at the airport rather than the hotel, “the people we made from the Seafah organizing committee.” “We found out that they were members of the Eritrean High Police, not a soccer professional,” the spokesman said.

He said the players could not stay away from the hotel because they were staying at the hotel where the players are staying. “They were not able to leave the hotel until after the competition,” they say.

“This is a danger to Eritrean football,” said Roger Mulindwa, who said that every time Eritrean players leave their country for a sporting event, it is a disaster.

Eritrean football

“Like Secafa, we have a lot of interest in Eritrean football. Eritrean football is growing rapidly. Four players lost in the semi-finals of the 20-year Cecafa tournament on Friday, losing 0-1 to Eritrea. “The Seafah tournament is now a semi-finalist, and the loss of it will prevent the Eritrean government from leaving the country. This will hinder their ability to play football.”

Every year, many Eritrean youth emigrate from Eritrea in search of a better life. According to a 2016 report, the majority of young Africans who leave their country are Eritreans.

It is said that Eritrea’s limited political independence and endless national service, along with other factors, are causing young people to flee their country.

Our efforts to respond to the members of the Eritrean Football Federation have failed.

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